LG LRA-760 Upconverting Issues

When I select 760p or 1080i to upconvert a DVD from default 480i resolution, the voice is chopped off at regular intervals, say 2 minutes. At 480i there is no problem.

Please let me know what seems to be the problem. LRA-760 is connected via HDMI to Yamaha HTR-5990 to Hitachi 55HDS69 via HDMI.


Transferring to ‘DVD & Home Entertainment’…

Thanks imkidd57

Hi ndrodrigues
I have exactly the same issue and is not the HDMI cable.
The sound on TV is fine and TV is connected through an HDMI cable but the sound
on my home theatre which is connected with an optical cable does the same as you described. I noticed this only lately when I started to use again 720p but I don’t remember if the recorder did this when I bought it in December. I was looking for a firmware upgrade when I came across your post. Let me know if you find anything and feel free to email me cause I don’t know how often I will check the forum.