LG, Lite-on, NEC or Samsung

Currently i have

main PC
Pioneer DVR-111L and BenQ DW1655

Secondary PC/Server
BenQ DW1620 and Lite-on 832 (something like that)

Third PC
NEC 3550@4551 and Pioneer DVR-A05

i was thinking about getting a new drive to replace either the lite-on or A05.

which of these would be the best?

  1. Lite-On LH-18A1P-185
  2. LG GSA-H22N or H10@H12
  3. Samsung SH-S182M
  4. NEC 7170A

If you want to replace the Pio, get the LG.
If you want to replace the Litey, get the Litey.


anyone else

lite-on doesn’t look that good


If gut feeling counts for anything, this drive didn’t feel right. It seemed like a drive that was pushed quickly onto the market without all the kinks ironed out yet. Perhaps LiteOn was eager to get an 18x burner out, but at what cost. Of course, there’s always the firmware upgrades on which we’ve come to rely on from all manufacturers, but I certainly wouldn’t rush out to buy this drive unless major improvements are made. There were a number of discs that could either not be read after being burned, or not burned at all.