LG Lightscribe stops working

I just recently bought an LG Super-Multi DVD Re-writer drive, with lightscribe. The main reason I purchased it was for the Lightscribe technology. I was able to lightscribe about 15 or so CD’s, then the drive stopped recognizing the media. An error message pops up, saying “Please insert a Lightscribe disc”
I went and exchanged the drive and it still gives the same error message, so I’m thinking it’s driver/software issue. I haven’t been able to find any firmware upgrade for my drive, model number GH22LP20. Has anyone experienced any similar problems with lightscribe? Any help at all would greatly be appreciated, thanks!

You did install the lightscribe system software?

I installed the drivers that came on a disc with the drive itself…possibly there’s a firmware upgrade or something…

Get a can of air and clean inside the drive.

Yeah I will have to try that, but like I said, I don’t think it could be a problem with the drive itself, being that I have already exchanged it with a brand new one at the store and have run into the exact same problem. That or perhaps LG lightscribe drives are just complete garbage and just stop working after a certain point. Who knows…

Go to the Lightscibe website and download the latest system software and install and see if that works.