LG Keeps Plasma TV Alive With Four New Models Announced

Though many thought that Panasonic’s discontinuation of the format spelled the end for plasma TV technology, LG has kept it alive by announcing four new models. In addition, they will continue to produce an older model from last year. Three of the TVs are 1080p while, interestingly, they are also offering a new 720p model, presumably for those who are just switching to HDTVs. No doubt this news will please many home theater fans, who have long touted the film-like quality and rich blacks that plasmas can produce, when compared to LCD/LED.

[I]From USA Today

Plasma TVs are still kicking.

Despite the recent departure of Panasonic from the plasma TV market, it appears not all hands are ready to abandon ship.

LG’s new plasma lineup includes four PDPs and the PN4500 from last year. The new plasma series include the flagship PN6900, the PB6600, the PB5600, and the PB560B. None of LG’s plasmas will be equipped with the new smart platform.

The 60-inch PN6900 features a native 1080p resolution and is LG’s only 3D-capable plasma this year. The PB6600 and PB5600 are 1080p varieties; the PB6600 is available in 50- and 60-inch sizes, while the PB5600 is only available in 60-inch form. Finally, the PB560B stands in as the year’s entry-level option, available as a 50-inch model at 720p resolution.[/I]