LG is going to have some competition

Until know LG is the only manufacturer that releases DVD-writers with DVD-RAM writing support (haven’t seen any Panasonic drives lately).

But NEC and BenQ are going to release DVD-writers with DVD-RAM support also this year. :slight_smile:

Why? I don’t know.
Do I like it? Yes! :iagree:

To keep ahead of the rest, LG will add Blu-ray to their 16x DVD writers before anyone else. :bigsmile:

I hope so, that would be a great stimulator for LG to give us more and better features for our money. :cool:

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, choices, choices,chioces. :bigsmile:

Well, HLDS is on top volume wise and makes relatively good quality, quiet drives so I would see the wider availability of DVD-RAM hardware primarily as an incentive for them and Matsushita to forge ahead and also give the media manufacturers a greater reason to provide 16x quickly. After all, we have had 8x DVD+RW hardware for some time, but no media :frowning: