LG/HP vs. Sony questions

Hi Everybody. Need some help from the experts. I have three burners, one of which I love and the other two I am not crazy about. The one I am really happy with is a Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7200A (PATA). The others are a LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GH22LP20 (PATA) and a HP HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GSA-H31l (SATA). All seem to do a decent job of burning, but the Sony rips way faster than the other two. Using the same DVD I ripped movie only using DVD Fab to rip to a hard drive folder from all three drives. The LG took 15:20, the HP took 12:07, and the Sony took 4:39!!! I tried this test with the drives in two different PCs and got similar numbers.

By the way the hardware is listed, I’m guessing the HP is a rebadged LG. Are these known for poor read performance?

Are the newer Sony’s just as fast?

I’d like to get a new drive for a new PC build and would like performance more along the line of my current Sony. Could be PATA or SATA and lightscribe would be nice, but not a total deal-breaker if it doesn’t have it.

You’re answers and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

LG drives have always been poor reader/rippers. You might be able to remove the riplock by using MediaCodeSpeedEdit to modify the firmware:


For the new build, go with the Optiarc AD-7241S (SATA + Lightscribe), or the Lite-On iHAS424-08 (SATA + Lightscribe), if you can find one (note that the newer iHAS424-98 is a rebadged AD-7241S).

Thanks for the info. I have ordered the Optiarc for the new build. Will try the firmware edit when I have some more free time. Thanks again.