LG HL-ST-DT GCC-4520B Burning CDRW

Hi Guys,

I’m new here, so hi everyone !

Ok, the problem is, I have a LG HL-ST-DT GCC-4520B Combo burner and DVD reader (54x24x52x - 16x DVD).

It can burn any CD-R media with no problem, but it won’t burn any CDRW, though the re-write speed is 24x. Before, it was able to burn 10x CDRW but not 4x (those silver type), but not now anymore, I don’t know why. I have used those CD Lens Cleners, but no success.

I have upgraded to the v1.01 firmware, but still won’t do it.

Last, I opened up the drive, and change the variable resistor on the laser, but still won’t do either.

So, I need help from you who have this drive, to tell me how to make burn CDRW (any types from 4x to 24x … )

Any help would be appreciated