LG HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-4166b Light Scribe Drive

Synopsis of the problem…

Light Scribe with Nero doesn’t seem to work anymore.

I recently reformatted my system and started fresh with the OS. Only thing that changed was the Video card and the system level drivers, except the raid drivers.

I installed the Nero software off the OEM drive like I first did and burned a few DVD’s. One being a copy of my sons favorite cartoon DVD. Second copy we’ve had to purchase of the movie. Anyway long story short I made a copy on a LS Verbatim disk. Flip it over and open Nero like always. Go to the label software and look for the LS icon… wth its not there… search the OEM disk no LS software that I can see? So go to the LS website download the lastest universal driver software. Still no joy. Dig around find another Nero OEM disk from my Light On DVDRW drive. Install it still no joy.

Go to Nero’s site see that Nero 7 Ultimate Edition is out. Decide what the heck I was going to get the boxed edition at the electronics store next week I’ll just buy the download version now. Install it. Still no joy. Search there site and the only thing on there site is a repackaged version of the LS Drivers I downloaded from the LS website. Figure ok I’ll give it a shot and install it.

No joy again. NO LS tab in Nero’s label software, NO Icon in the Quick start and I don’t see a LS service running anymore after switching from the LS driver I got from the LS website to Neros LS driver.

I’ve searched here and google and got so many junk results because evidently the word Light and Scribe are used so much that results with the actual term get drowned out.

Has anyone figured out how to get Nero 7 to see the light scribe capacity of this drive?

I just use the universal lightscribe program available at lightscribe & it works for me- nothing fancy but a lot faster than the lightscribe program that came with my hp external burner. I’ll see if I can find the www address & will post it later- Good luck!

The address is www.lightscribe.com I have used the lightscribe simple labeler very successfully- not as dark as the original program- but it really works. I use it as a stand alone afterwards- but you can label your disk first , then burn it also. There is an enhancer also available plus quite a few designs one can download.