LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA H55N has suddenly slowed down

I’m a newbie here. I purchased a LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA H55N on September 28,2007. Until January 10,2008 or so I could burn 4.7 GB DVD’s
in around 7-10 minutes. But ever since January it’s been taking me atleast 40 minutes.:doh::sad:

Why the slow down? Do i have to do something to increase the speed?:sad:
Please tell me what to do…:frowning:


I think that is a DMA problem, have you checked if your drive is in DMA mode? Maybe is in PIO mode.

Thanks… I’ll Try That…

I have exactly the same problem as hrobit. Suddenly since January my LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA H55N drive seems to burn DVDs at a very slow rate, taking nearly an hour to burn a 4.7Gb DVD. At first I thought it was the burning software Nero so I used Imgburn but still it refuses to burn faster than 1x.
Also, I checked the drive and it is in DMA mode.
Please help!

Edit; My OS is Windows XP Service Pack 3.