Lg hl-dt-st dvd ram gsa -h55n ata device not detecting any dvds



this is my last try before i throw away this drive(seriously and literally!!!)

device name-HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA -H55N ATA DEVICE (from device manager)
os- win 7 ultimate 32bit
processor and ram- intel core 2 duo with 2 gigs ddr3 ram
all drivers are upto date i checked.

not detecting any dvds whether it be company burned(eg. intel driver dvd, dvds from digit, pc world etc.) OR
the dvds burned on other drives on other pc OR the dvd burned by same drive earlier.

bought this drive in 2007. was using win xp then switched to win 7 ultimate 3 yrs back on the same build.
so the problems start after some six months. the dvds were just rotating inside with the green light blinking
for some 15min then the drive goes silent. when prompted to open the dvd in my computer, the sysytem hangs and
only comes back to normal after you eject the disc manually by pressing the button.
same problem with win 7.
first it started with company burned dvds,then progressed to other pc burned dvds , further now no dvds burned from
the same drive.
PLS NOTE- the cd part is perfectly fine. u throw any cd at it it will detect and play with no lag.
so now its just like a cd drive not a dvd drive.

the dvd rorates for one min, the light blinks, then everything is super silent. on prompting via my computer its hangs
or gives error msg- pls insert disc in the drive.


  1. cleared upper filters and lower filters from registry not working.
  2. updated the driver, flashed the drive many times not working.
  3. installed Nero , no change.
  4. checked cables, all intact.
  5. tried dvds which worked perfectly before, no detection just blinking lights.
  6. uninstalled and reinstalled the drive many times.

so any opinions guyssss…


Other that trying to physically clean the inside of the drive, it sounds like there is nothing you can do.


you opening up the drive then cleaning the lens or anything else specifically


Just cleaning the lens with a bit of rubbing alcohol & cotton swab. That usually only helps with slow detection, but it’s worth a shot.

8 years of life sounds like a decent run, so it may be time for a replacement.


so guys i realise nothing can be done…
so please suggest me a good ext dvd writer drive…
i want good performance and good life…


Defective laser of a DVD. Of course you can instantly replace the laser \ OPU (LG LPC-815)

But the price of the new OPU puts a question mark on the meaning of this operation.


ya thats what so its better to go for a new one right???