LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H20L DL DVD +R Burning issue... HELP!


I have a problem that’s really driving me nuts. I’ve recently purchased a ten-pack spindle of DL DVD +R and they’ve all failed!!! :sad: DVD’s are Everlotus 4x

Sometimes the burn gets quite far but it never, not once, ever completed successfully. I’ve used Nero 9, dvdfab and not even imgburn helps. I’ve updated my writer’s firmware as well. I used a gca 4166b writer before this will the same problem. Sometimes I get a “No seek” error or something to that effect. I’ve attached the log file for analysis. Looking forward to anyone’s feedback.


The mid code on those DL disks is CMC MAG D03. We recommend using Verbatim brand double layer dvds, which come in two varieties, the 2.4-6x MKM 001 disks, or the 8x MKM 003 mid code.

Other types of double layer disks are hit or miss, mostly miss.

The only other DL media that have found favor on these forums are the double layer disks made by FTI and sold under the Falcon brand. They are available online in the US, but not in local stores.

Thanks for the reply. We’ve got Verbatim 8x on this side, the 2.4 - 6x are hard to find. The Everlotus brand I’ve used are rather low quality. Fingers crossed. Verbatim it is then :slight_smile: