LG HL-DL-ST GCC-4521B ver 1.07



Hi all,
I have a GCC-4521B Ver 1.07 running on a ASUS A7V8X-MX MB.
I am runing NERo 7 Ver. on W2XP SP2.
When I try and burn dvds Nero won’t burn. I can burn cds.
I am using DVD-R media that works on my other systems.
I ran Nero InfoTool 4 and it picked up my drive but in the section under Supported write features it only displays:
Cd-r/cd-rw/mount rainer/buffer underrun protection.
None of DVDs are checked.
Is this a problem between my MB and the LG writer?
I have an older LG writer GSA-4082B that can burn DVDs but only up to 4X even though the drive supports 8x write speeds.
I am using 40-pin cable as opposed to an 80-pin cable.

any help would be appreciated.



Hi, the GCC-4521B is NOT a DVD writer. It’s a combo drive that’s why you can’t burn any DVDs with it.


GCC is always combo. No dvd burner!