LG HDTV/DVD Combo w/audio problem (LG 32LG30 LCD TV)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG 32LG30 - 32" LCD TV. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Actually the Mode number is LG 40 - the new DVD/HDTV combo unit. I’m in a dispute with LG.Soon after receiving it we noticed a significant difference in the audio output between the cable box input and the built-in DVD player. The volume (which has an incremental scale of 1-100) gets progressively louder when connected to the cable box thru the maximum volume of 100. The built in DVD player however only gets progressively louder thru approximately 47 or 48, then there is a negligible if any difference in volume from 49 to 100. Even using a home entertainment center to boost the audio, the DVD player was not strong enough to receive acceptable surround sound but the cable box audio performed well.

I called LG customer service to report this defect resulting in an LG service call on November 14. After 3 visits and replacing the main mother board and DVD player no change in volume occurred. At that point we were told there was nothing else he could do.

I escalated this to an LG supervisor in Customer Service. A different technician (3rd party) to assess the problem. Their assessment was that they “confirmed the difference in audio levels”. They also contacted LG Tech Support and was advised that this difference was by design and not a defect. They advised me that there was no avenue for him to resolve my problem. If Tech support assessed that the volume difference was by design, no defect could then be assessed and therefore he could offer no remedy to my problem.

My arguement is as follows.

  1. The LG argument that the unit is performing within specifications is not acceptable. If this is true, the specs are flawed. Why should such a dramatic drop off in volume be present in the built in DVD player? Any other external device connected to the TV, including an external DVD player, performs with the complete range of audio to max scale of 100. Why should the built in DVD player perform with significantly less audio?
  2. This design of a significantly lower volume output from the built in DVD player is not disclosed in any advertisements or specifications for this unit by either LG or US Appliance. As such, I as a consumer could not make an informed decision or choice that this audio level difference was acceptable to me. Absent this notification, the sale was made to me under false pretenses as the audio performance of the DVD player was not disclosed to me.

Is this volume difference typical on built in DVD players? Is my aguement rationale, and has anyone else experieced this defect with LG products?

As most users don’t use combo uints, you aren’t likely to get many if any responses. If the unit doesn’t meet to your satisfaction, why not return or exchange it.

And welcome to the forums.

Few months ago I picked up an LG RC897T. It’s performance too is questionable. So it seems LG’s combo recorders, at least their VHS-DVD line is a little sucky. It’s DVD burning function quit working not long after the 90 day warranty expired (ie; any DVD I place in it, requires formatting and fails w/in about 10 secs. Haven’t yet torn it apart to try cleaning the lense as is the usual cause, or so I must assume since my LiteOn VHS-DVD combo also did the same thing, it just took a few months longer to crap out, but then I’m a smoker so a clean room environment, it’s not. The LiteOn revived for about a week or two at a time (between lense cleanings), so I know why the mfgr’s aren’t providing these units with a carriage style feature for cleaning the lense (sort of like when VHS top loaders went the way of the dino for ‘no good’ reasoning). I can say this about LG’s 2004 LG 5160D Super Writer, it’s still working lika a champ regardless of it’s also inaccessible to clean lense. Maybe these mfgr’s remove any style and quality that they see as a cause for a lack of return customers and I just lucked out before LG pulled that line for a cheaper one. Fairly obvious the world’s on the road to hell and underwritten by greed and corruption. So what else is new.

The only thing I can think of is that your cable box has an amp too and can make the volume louder itself because it has a separate volume control itself. The DVD uses the TV’s built in amp to boost the volume with a maximum output of 20watts total so like 10 watts per speaker. I don’t know if that is RMS or Peak because if it is Peak, it would be significantly less power. Once you get to the point that the TV is maxing its amp out, no matter how higher you go on the volume control, it won’t make difference because the amp can’t give you anymore juice.

If you are using an external receiver, go into the TV’s menu and turn off the speakers and then test again to see if there is a difference. Most TV’s you have to do that if you are using an external receiver and speakers. The past 3 TV’s I have owned were like that.