LG HDD/DVD Recorder not playing DVDs



i have an LG RH7521W digital recorder/DVD player and its not playing DVDs at all. a message appears saying “Cannot load”. however DivX/Xvid movies burnt onto DVDs play fine and my decrypted DVD backups will play also… its just purchased or rented DVD movies will not play. this has led me to believe that the decrypting mechanism inside the optical drive is gone! what are your thoughts :confused:

now weve have had it repaired before for the same symptoms and it worked for a while but then didnt play DVD movies again. but this time i thought it through a bit and did a bit of testing with a DivX disc, DVD movie backup and a regular DVD movie. if the optical drive is broken and cannot decrypt DVD movies anymore i will buy a new OEM optical drive and replace it myself. i dont wont to pay for it to be repaired if i can simply just replace the optical drive.

thanks for reading and i look forward to your reply.

(insert obligatory comment about not using capitals or grammar as im lazy.)


oh and dust may be a factor which i will look into.