LG H55N not recognising any DVD recordable

I had my h55n since 2 months .

It was reading and writing dvd cd’s perfectly.

But since some days it is not detecting dvd media at all ,not only dvd r but also dvd rw are not getting detected.

and if i go for burining option or erasing option it says no disc in drive ,it is niether giving me error nor detecting the dvds.

Please help me solve my problem.


johnnitro: Please just ask once on the forums. Other posts are deleted and this one has its own thread now so let’s keep it all here :slight_smile:

can somebody please help me out in solving my problem

Does Windows detect the Drive at all ?? What does it report ?? Are you using the exact same hardware and software enviroment for the drive, or did you change something ?? Did you install some software at the same time the problem started ??

Can you identify any change, anywhere, when the drive stopped detecting DVD discs ?? Does it read CD rom discs ??

Funniest part is it still reads cd’s finely without.

But after inserting a dvd rw or r or say any dvd it looks like it will load the dvd but there is no response.

I mean the light outside stops blinking as if i had not put any media inside and when i click on the drive it says no disc in drive

It gives no errors nothing it simply fails to detect any dvd

please help me out with this issues

Any chance you can try the drive in another PC? Does it recognise pressed (commercial) DVDs?

If you have a broadband connection, try downloading a Linux Live DVD (like the one here), burn it (if that’s possible) and see if you can boot from it.

If the DVD fails to boot, the DVD portion of the drive may have failed.