Lg H42N Vs Benq 1650?



wanted to know this,using the Same DVD media & under Same Condtions

which Writer Produces a Better Burn Quality ?


LG is better, especially with MCC 03RG20 media.


+1 for the LG


Another vote for the LG. Although I do like my 1650s, I think LG just have the edge (for me, anyway).


Interesting how people make up their opinion. [I]Arachne[/I] as example doesn’t have any post in GSA-H42N thread, [I]chas0039[/I] three posts and [I]vroom[/I] a bunch with quite many rather ugly scans. :wink:

I don’t have the GSA-H42N drive (and never will) so I’ll not vote. :smiley:
From what I’ve seen in linked thread GSA-H42N it’s all jitter dance at burn peed 12x and above. Wounder how many and how dark burn rings this drive makes.
Media longevity my friends is more important then 18 or 20x burns for average Joe.

Settled with GSA-H12N just to try some sub 5 mins burns, but BenQ DW165* drives are still kings in my burning box although only burning att 16x max. :bigsmile:


A friend of mine has one, and I’ve seen scans (albeit on a LiteOn 1693S) on various classes of media. I’m impressed with what I’ve seen.

Interesting how people assume things. :wink:


I’ve bought LiteOn 20A1P and am very happy with it along with my Benq 1640 and wanted to get an H42N as reviews show it is a very good burner , but 2 days ago I suddenly found a retail Benq 1640 and bought it right away :bigsmile:

Benq 1640/50/55 are still the most popular (and best all around) DVD burners ever made and being out of production made them rare (and thus very precious)

For me , Benq 1640 (which is very similar to 1650 but maybe slightly better) produces the best results with 8X media and 16X media @8X
Newer drives like H42N and LiteOn 20A1P are optimized for higher speed 16X media @16x,18x and 20x burning speeds .
From my experience , Benq still beats newer drives writing T02 media and every time I get back to it for burning :clap:


This would mean same write speed?

Lucky! one of the few drives I would like to try as its reputation is the best of the BenQs :bigsmile:


I don’t have many posts because there is very little to say about the drive that hasn’t already been said. I really don’t believe in adding chatter.


Maybe ugly, but all are readable in all my home dvd players and my dvd-rw.


And so are my BenQ DW165* burns… :bigsmile:

Glad I skipped latest LG and picked up another DW1650 (advertised as Lite-On DVDR8801). :smiley:
My Lite-On LH-18A1P aka BenQ DW1800 aka Lite-On LH-20A1P satisfies my needs for 20x burns. :cool:


This is the same combination I have right now installed in my PC (1640 instead of 1650 and retail LiteOn 20A1P), and I am [B]extremely[/B] happy with both drives


The 165* is a great burner @12x evey time i try 16x it doesnt give that good results, maybe i should go to an older f/w, currently i’m happy with it @ 12x and my lg @8x/16x/18x.


Between Benq 1640 & 1650 & 1655 …Benq 1650 has an Edge ?


1650 and 1655 are essentially the same hardware except 1655 has LightScribe. 1640 on the other hand is older but slightly better than 165x line.


how Much % of difference in Burn Quality Between 1650 & 1640 ?

1640 is 10 % better ?

i am able to source only a 1650,is that OK ?


Well, I’m very happy with my new DW1650.
In fact the 1650 is slightly better IMO because it doesn’t create PIF spikes when burning DVD[B]+[/B]R at 16x, unlike the 1640.


So it is not quite so overrated like you have stated in the past? :wink:


straight forward answer would help guys … pls

1650 Vs 1640 ? …winner ?


1640 IMO , but as [B]kg[/B] said it creates sikes when burning @16X DVD+R media , if you stick with 8X or 12X burning for 16X media , 1640 would be the winner over 165x .
I’ve tried 1650 and 1655 and my 1640 is always “slightly” better (at least with media I use) , of course YMMV :wink: