LG H42N Available at Newegg.com

Newegg has the LGH42N drive for sale $31.99. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info DVD_ADDICT! :slight_smile:

I just ordered it. Since its the weekend, it probably won’t come until Weds or Thursday ( 3 day shipping) . I hope its as good as the H10L.:iagree:

any idea if and when we may see a SATA LG drive around in the US

Thanks DVD_ADDICT :stuck_out_tongue: , you are going on my ignore list j/k :bigsmile: I already have 13 optical drives :eek: and I just sold 2, oh well I will have mine on Wednesday if it is anything like the H22N I will be very pleased.

Ordered up too. This drive is showing some pretty fast 4ish minute burns.

Just the GSA-H31L sold by HP…

Only 13 james, you are still a rookie;) :doh:

I did not know that…thanks

:bigsmile: You only have 13 optical drives!!! I got you beat by 2 I have 15 optical drives for now! :smiley: I’ll probably be ordering one for myself as well. I was hoping the LG Sata drive would be available in the USA. :frowning:

post above says LG H31L is sold by HP…not in the US???

BTW what about the 182L…BB has the m for $60 and can use 12% coupon

Yes, I saw that Samsung Sata Lightscribe drive when I went to BB this morning…I was tempted but I’m waiting for someone else to buy it first then post whether or not the drive is good or not. :smiley:

I grabbed the LG GSA-H31L at the end of December for 34.99 Pounds:
It’s available in the US, too.

Where is it available in the USA? Would you be able to provide a link? Thanks!

Just try Google:

Seems to be more expensive in the States than here.

EDIT: Even Amazon.com has it: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000IQYRHS/sz-ce-20/ref=nosim

HP 16X Sata DVD+/-rw Lightscribe Drive.- Hewlett Packard
Seller’s Price:$166.57

  • quantity: 1 :eek:

:eek: :eek:

Yeah, the US price seems to be quite a bit unrealistic. The UK price of ~$68.50 I paid is already high compared to UK prices of the other drives.

:frowning: I google and wasn’t impressed with the OUTRAGEOUS price for the drive. I’ll pass it up unless another online retailer like Newegg stocks the drive. For now I guess I’ll just order the LG H42N from Newegg.com.

Same drive as a promo: http://h30143.www3.hp.com/optconfigure3.cfm?oid=64287&from=enter.cfm&param=oid&val=64287
Some more shops:
But still much more expensive than in the UK.

I know this drive wont be avaliable in the UK for another month or two, but if anyone does catch a site with them in stock please post your findings, i think this will be the best 18x LG of them all, and the others are great anyway. !!! :bow::bow::bow: