This writer is fast AND good.

I’m getting consistent,reliable burns @ 18x using Verbatim 16x media. I’m also using the H22N/fw 1.01 for burning TV pgm’s , Power Producer 3/Hauppauge Win TV , & getting reliable burns.

Much better luck with this LG model than I got with an earlier LG-4120B as I’ve yet to end up with a coaster using the H22N. However the only media I’ve used with the H22N is TY & Verbatim (mcc). That’s the only media I use for +/- along with Fuji for the RAM media.

After a month of no coasters with approx 50 burns I’d recommend this LG model.

Hi RadioRed,that’s really nice to know,since I’m getting one for Xmas. Just one question, do you back up DVD’s? And if so, what kind of copy software do you use? My Lite-On,1633s is on it’s last legs and I had been using DVDFab Decrypter and Clone DVD 2 to write it from my HD. But the issues with my Litey make it inpossible to use Decrypter. I have had some marginal luck using DVD Decrypter with DVD43 running in the background and 1 Click Dvd Copy Pro to write it to disk. This process has been working so far, but it takes much longer to back up my dvd’s. I’d appreciate what you have to say as far as options and if you do use DVDFab, how it works with the LG H22N.I’m glad you like the H22N, I’m looking forward to mine with baited breathe,LOL. Thanks, Mike. P.S., Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to get answers to your questions. There are alot of really smart people here. So Welcome !!!

Yes, the LG H22N is a great burner. It fights with my Pio 111 for the first place and leaves all my other drives behind. However, you need a second drive for scanning to see these brillant burn results.

Sorry I can’t give any info re backing up DVD movies as I generally wait 'til they come up on DTV & record them directly that way.

Forgot to mention I also have a NEC 3500 & while the NEC is also a good overall writer it just can’t hang with the H22N when it come’s to speed.

The thing that impressed me re the H22N was that it seem’s LG has the writer/fw down pat for a new model. Of course , seeing how they have released so many models , I suppose they should have it “down pat”. :slight_smile:

Thanks RadioRed, I appreciate the responce. Mike

probably my question should be directed to u, specifically.

i’m currently using a LG 4082B and it burns at 2X on memorex media and i feel its on its last legs, so i bought a pioneer 111D from tigerdirect after reading some reviews…still in its box packaging (havent cracked the box open yet). i realized that its not lightscribe (not sure if i will use this option or not, would be good to have) i am now looking at the LG H22N since i hear the H22L w/ Lightscribe isnt as reliable as the H22N.so which of the 2 drives do u like better??

reliability wise as well as burn speeds? i also noticed that the LG burns RAM where as the Pioneer doesnt…i know i have had problems burning DVD-RAM with my old LG4082B…not sure how burns are with the H22N/H22L

any quick ideas or suggestions to put me towards the right path?

Pioneer DVR-111D is a solid drive but it’s a little outdated compared to GSA-H22N.

In my experience, 111D is a little more sensitive to media quality, especially with 16x media. Its 16x burns take about one minute longer than 18x burns in H22L/H22N.

You can upflash the Pioneer 111D to a 111L, which supports both DVD-RAM up to 5x speed and Labelflash. This is well described in this forum. Personally I don’t like Lightscribe and Labelflash, because appropriate media are way to expensive.
The Pioneer 111 is the more mature drive. On the other hand at 16x speed it is clearly inferior to the LG H22N. However, for burning at 16x speed you really need an idle PC and my PC is rarely idle. Thus high speed burning is not important for me and I prefer to burn at 6x, 8x and 12x speed, which usually also gives the best quality. The LG H22N is quite poor at 12x and burn quality is much worse than at 16x speed. Obviously the firmware needs some tweaking. Both drives are outstanding double layer burners, way better than all my other drives. The Pio 111 is a very poor scanner, while the LG H22N has no scanning abilities at all. Thus you need a second burner anyway to enjoy the quality delivered by Pio 111 or the LG H22N. Checking the scan threads of both drives, the probability to buy a poor quality LG H22N drive seems to be lower than to buy a poor quality Pio 111 drive.