LG H22N + Verbatim discs

Trying to kill two birds with one post here. Does anyone else experience odd high level PIF spikes when they write a verbatim disc @ 12x 16x 18x in their H22N?

Because I have gotten this on both MCC004 and MCC03RG20 discs. Also the jitter is high at some spots. 16-18x writing creates jitter levels which fluctuate like a bloody roller coaster.

Now I don’t get this with other media on the H22N. I also don’t get these results with lower speeds. I’m just wondering if something is a bit funky with my H22N?

Here’s two pictures for an example. One 4x scan and a 16x scan. My Pioneer easily beats these results and the high speed scan look just as good as the low speed ones unlike the H22N here. This also highlights my opinion that cdfreaks should consider high speed scanning along with low speed scanning and or add jitter in there. As you can see, the PIE errors follow the level of jitter. Look at them drop when the jitter does.

Reply to both or any of my two questions, any opinions are welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah, H22N burners can do that sometimes with -R media. These spikes don’t appear in all scanners, just like those from NEC burns. But unlike what I experienced with NEC burns (3540 & 4550), none of my players has issues reading discs burnt by my H22N and showing re-linking PIF spikes.

Also I haven’t encountered, yet, any of these spikes with +R burnt in my H22N. :cool:

As for the scanning speeds, you already roughly know my opinion about it. :wink:
I’ll try to post, sometime, an extended explanation of my thoughts on the subject, as despite I do favor high-speed scans, there are many traps, peculiarities etc… that already exist with @4X/8X scans and that can be hugely magnified in @12X/16X scans, which tends to make things complicated, and the results misleading in a fair number of instances.

For the very LiteOn model you use, I have no first-hand experience so I don’t know if @16X scanning really makes sense. It takes dozens of scans and lots of cross-checking with other drives and players to determine if a given scanning speed is useful, and even so, it depends what one is looking for when scanning… :doh:

Unfortunately I have the spike problem on both my +R and -R verbatims. Funny thing about that H22N though is that the jitter can be sky high in some spots, there can be big spikes as well and the disc burnt at 18x but they still seem to work (without problems in my fussy PS2). Something about the H22N seems to defy the laws of scanning :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, I would definitely like to see a subject posted from you on your high speed scanning results. I’ve worked out a few quirks and habits both my LH18A1P’s have at high speeds, it would be interesting to see if they are similar with your liteons :slight_smile:

I don’t have any Verbatim -Rs, but I find the H22N does a reasonable job of burning Verbatim +Rs. The scans below are for Verbatim MCC004 burned at 8x and 18x in my H22N. The Liteon LH-18A1P usually does a slightly better job of burning MCC004

If the PIE numbers tend to track jitter, then surely there is no need to do a jitter scan as well?

Just mischief-making :slight_smile:

The scans are here:
and here:

Hmm your 18x scans are pretty good. Can you post what the jitter looks like on your H22N + MCC004 @ 18x? Because mine is all over the place.

No problem. I will scan one with CD-DVD speed later today.

Verbatim +R 16x (MCC004) made in India.
Burner: LG GSA-H22N at 18x
Reader: Liteon LH-18A1P scanned at 4x and 8x.

I think this is the same disc that I used for the previous scan. It is probably the only Verbatim I have burned at 18x, so I can’t be sure that it is a typical result.