LG H22N Slow Beginning Burn Process



I Burned like 5 DVD’s with the same occurence. I updated driver’s and everything. Every time I burn a disc it starts off normal. It gets to 4x and it stays there for 30% of the burn and then it finally decides to increase to 8x.

Now with my LG 4163B drive it is the total opposite. I start the burn and when it reaches 6 or 7% it begins sky rocketing in speed until it reachs 8x.

Is this normal behaviour for the H22N? The media I am using is YUDEN000-T02-00. This is bothering. At 30%… That’s messed. The next thing I’m going to try doing is swapping the IDE cables for new ones. I’m using rounded Ultra cables maybe that is the problem. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. I want to get to the source of the problem. This drive is brand new.


This is normal behavior for the drive with 8x media: see the first screenshot here.

It’s not 30% of the burn, though. The drive spends about 20-30 seconds in lead-in, then burns the first 0.6 GB at 4x [which takes 2 minutes], then burns the rest, up to 3.7 GB at 8x [another 6-6.5 minutes].

To get faster, 5-5.5 minute burns, you need 16x Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media.


Well. I just read and ISO and Wrote one. It took 9m 15s to read and 9m 45s to write. I’m going to try this drive on a different PC. Could someone with this drive please post their times of reading ISO’s and writing at 8x single layer disc’s.


Roughly same results… Eh. Are those scans good for 8x media on the h22n? I did’nt see your post till after I posted the second time. (I didn’t refresh the page…) Thanks for the inpute. But 9 minutes to burn at 8x is brutal…


Hi there.

Just thought you should know that the 4163 uses the reneses chipset and employs 8,12,16x PCAV burning and this is much faster. The 4163 was the fastest burn to buy before the 18x rage began. The H22 is based on a panasonic chip and burns like all other burners using CAV burning strategys.

No other drive will keep pace with the 4163 on 8x burns. !!!

This is why the 4163 “rockets” when starting to burn = PCAV burn. :wink:

Hope this shed some light on it for you. Happy burning…:iagree:


The use of those rounded cables is unlikely to affect the burn speed, maybe the quality slightly.

What’s actually happening with the buffers during the burn?

My Liteon 1635S with specially modded firmware to get to 8x far quicker than normal takes almost 8min 30secs to burn a full DVD at 8x so yours isn’t abnormally slow. Do bear in mind the the LG4163B , as pointed out, was one of the fastest burners (time wise) at the time.


My H22N has the same characteristic. Burns at 6x speed are similar. All my other burners except the NEC 4550A start at 6x speed.


Buffers are always maxed. Thanks for the input guys. Was terrified, thought something was wrong.