Lg H22l



Just bought the LG H22L yesterday, and it works fine after I re-installed it correctly. First installation, I just unhooked my CD Rom drive and replaced it with the LG H22L–took less than 5 minutes. My computer would not recognize either drive–my NEW LG H22L nor my old HP DVD 640 writer. Didn’t realize I needed to change my HP DVD writer to the SLAVE position–didn’t even know what that was–LOL. Good thing for this forum.

Second installation, reinstalled using the NEW IDE cable that came with the LG H22L and set the HP DVD 640 writer to SLAVE and everything works great. LG H22L was already set to MASTER.

Only one problem–LG H22L drive will not play an audio CD. Can read one and can burn one, but cannot play one–not even a store bought one. But they will play in my HP DVD writer drive and plays in my car and plays on my CD player.

Made some DVDs at 8x (Verbatim) and 16x (Memorex) and they work fine in my DVD player which is a SONY and talk about finicky–will NEVER buy another Sony DVD player. I have a cheap Apex DVD player also and it plays anything and everything.

According to LG Customer Service, there is NO firmware for the LG H22L.



Ran some tests and got “logical unit commication crc error” messages and read on this forum that IDE cable might be the problem so I went back to my original IDE Cable that came with my computer.

All is well. Audio playback is working.