LG H22 Wont read slightly scratced disks

Hi to all. I recently got an h22 drive and it can not read slightly (not to mention heavily) scratched disks. My old Pio 108 on my other computer read the same disc flawlessly. Has anyboty noticed anything like that again with that drive? Any opinions? Thank you all

The two LG drives I have (4163B and 4167B) are quite picky readers - if there’s so much as a small error on the disc, they’ll either not read the disc at all, or crap out halfway through. They tend to like good quality, pristine (as far as you can get, anyway) discs.

Possibly it’s the same situation with the newer LGs. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t sound so good. Has anyone else experienced this with the H22?

I don’t own it, but am still debating what to get.

I’m getting some slow rips from my H22L… then one track wounldn’t go at all. I pulled the Cd out… there was some VERY light smudges on it… I removed them put it back in and was able to read the track (the cd has NO scratches on it… it’s brand new).

I’m of the opinion that the LG H22L could be the worst SUPER drive ever made. Very slow rips… errors all over the place… my computer even dumped dma mode when reading from it one time… sheesh. Not a great drive. Lightscribe isn’t worth this much hassle. I may go back to my trusty (and highly tweakable) NEC 3550A.

Funny… both my H22N and my 4167B are god like readers that are pooping all over my liteons right now :expressionless:

I think that it’s often the type of disc (media code etc) that determines how well a disc will read in one drive compared to another. Sure scratches don’t help, but I think sometimes people assume that it’s the scratches (however slight) that are causing the read problems when it’s really a more fundemental problem with the media.

I’ve sometimes noticed problems when reading particular media on one drive that was burnt on another. Find some media that your H22 really likes and then try burning one and lightly scuffing it and see how it reads back. My guess is you’ll have no problems.

BTW. Just for the record I seem to remember that when I switched from my old PIO 108 to my LG GSA4167B that I found the 4167B to be overall a slightly better reader. Even so there were some discs that the 4167B had troubles with but which the PIO108 could handle. There were however other discs with the reverse situation! You cant judge it by just one disc or even just one media type (media code) or just media burnt on one drive.