LG H20L, LightScribe Does anyone knows about it?

Searched but get no info here and in google … can you comment…?

Seems to be a new LS model from LG.


Ha it seems it’s cheaper here in Greece … didn’t thought so…
The drive also supports 1 x DVD±RW (±R DL) ??? or am i mistaken

No, the 1xDVD±RW comment was referring to the drive, i.e. that it is 1 piece of a DVD±RW (±DL) writer. The specs are listed below that.

I can’t find any information on this drive either, but LG did announce the H10N, which is a super-multi burner with 12x DVD-RAM support :


Maybe this is just the lightscribe version? However, although the drive is listed as a DVD-RAM drive, the specs on the page you posted don’t list what speed it supports DVD-RAM at.

The Drive Spec look like a LG4167B with lightscribe

One of Czech wholesalers writes on its pages that LG H20L is originally GSA-4166B model.

LG introduce a new names for his product…
L - LightScribe
BU - Bulk
R - black
RE - retail

So it’s just a rebranding exercise? Sheesh! Thanks for the info though. Wonder if they are going to do this for the rest of their drives as well.

anyway i just bought one with f/w 1.00… and been trying to make light scribe work in nero 7.x.x.x ,varius versions with no luck so far pretty dissapointed…
Wonder if 4166 f/w is applicable in this drive…
Any ideas on both… nero+f/w???

Try Nero

I allready did that and 6613/6614 were the only versions that both ls and lf worked …hope that nero will update nero 7 to lightscribe support some day…or maybe they won’t if they are into the labelflash lisence thing like nec/yamaha/fuji… :rolleyes:

LS and LF should work even under Nero v7, FLASH (Flash56) has posted that weeks ago (in one of the NEC threads, IIRC)!

Can’t find it and i did use the search button… only found about working in nero 6.xxx versions not in nero 7.xxx can you provide any link about nero 7 + LF + LS working - currently use nero …

It seems to be this one: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1227293&postcount=88

Have seen that but it’s nero 6 version not 7… hope nero 'll update the 7 version to a working lightscribe one ,

He has posted the info about Nero 7 also there, IIRC.

i have h20l and Nero 7 LightScribe works fine.
I have made the Registry Key:
‘1’ to ‘0’
and Update the HostSoftware:

which version do you use?

I have Nero 7 Premium
If products from Magix has must you the Reg key to change.
And show:
I have SIS and VIA Chipset it works.

No luck so far … 2 diff pcs… nero 7 + lightscribe = “no go” tryed everything also “regedit”… so it’s back to nero for now…