LG H20L DVD+R DL burn error

Hi everyone, I´ve been visiting for many months, but now I registered to start participating here :slight_smile:

I don´t know if I should post my first problem here as a new thread or in the LG improvement thread, but here goes.

Being a happy owner of the 4163B, I decided to take the step to dual layer. My discs varied, but I was satisfied with these. The 4163B burned them perfectly, until it died. Since I still had warrenty on that thing, the store replaced it fre of charge for a 4167B. A much better drive and also burned the DL discs perfectly.

But now I bought a new computer and it had a H20L in it. Unlike the 4163B and the 4167B, this drive doesn´t recognize the disc at 2.4x but wants to burn at 4x. Slower is not even selectable :confused:
And the moment it switches to the second layer, everything goes wrong. Nothing but write errors and track errors. :sad: First I ruined 2 discs with firmware 1.00, then I saw firmware 1.01 at TDB.rpc1.org (thanks for that one guys) and ruined another 2 discs. Then I thought ´maybe it´s DVDDecrypter´ (who knows, right) and ruined a fifth disc in Nero :doh:

Anyone any ideas?

Hello smmonk and welcome to the forum.

There are two things here you need to be aware of :

  1. [li]The 4163B/4167B and H20L use an entirely different chipset range
    [/li]The 4163B/4167B use the Renesas chipset range whereas the H20L uses a Panasonic chipset. The thing about the chipset used is that the properties and behaviour of the drive to a certain extent, are determined by the chipset used.

    It’s not a very well known fact but the 4163B (and from your description the 4167B as well) handled RICOHJPN-D00 discs quite nicely. Few drives can handle these discs at all. The different chipset in the H20L means that it is almost like a drive of a different brand. So you cannot base the behaviour of your H20L on that of the two older drives you have used.
    [li]From your webpage link, it seems the discs you bought can be either RICOHJPN-D00 or RITEKD01. There is a wide gulf in the difference between those two media codes. The technology behind those two types of discs is totally different for one thing, even though they come from the same factory. Some drives can handle RICOHJPN-D00 discs. Most drives cannot handle RITEKD01 discs at all and quite a few DVD players will choke when playing the discs back. However, shops still continue to stock them for the simple reason that they are cheap.
    Since you can get either media code when you buy those discs, it’s possible that the current batch you have is actually RITEKD01 rather than RICOHJPN-D00. Check the media code. You can do that with DVD Decrypter. Even if the discs are RICOHJPN-D00, it’s possible the H20L doesn’t like those discs.

If you want DL discs which work for sure, then get hold of Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. Nothing else on the market has the compatibility of those, both for writing with DVD writers as well as for playback on DVD players.

Thank you for your respons Karangguni, it makes things very clear now.
But it´s hard for me to comprehend the decision to switch chipsets and make (to my current experience) an inferior successor.

I decided to sell my old computer without the 4167B. It still has a Samsung DVD-Rom and a Pioneer 107, so I´m gonna make the 4167B an external drive so I don´t have toss them away :slight_smile:
Besides, even though verbatim are the best DVDRs I have ever had, they´re almost twice as expensive :frowning: (the DL discs that is).

Anyway, thanks again.

The H20L isn’t inferior. It has different strengths to the 4163B/4167B range. For example, you can’t burn 16x DVD-R discs at 12x with the 4163B/4167B range, but you can with the H20L. The H20L in general, gives pretty decent burn quality for most types of discs.

The real problem is that the double layered discs you are using are not of good quality. You were simply lucky that the 4163B/4167B could handle those discs. For most drives, if you used those discs, you would end up with coasters. RITEKD01 for example, is well known as the utter trash of DL discs.

You’re going to run into problems doing that. Renesas chipset LG writers do not like to be used in an external casing. You can get them to work properly, but it is very troublesome to do so. The usual problems are :

[li]Burning audio CDs won’t work
[/li][li]You can’t flash update the drive in the casing
[/li][li]You can’t hit anything faster than 12x
There is a solution for problems 1 and 3, but not for problem 2. See the LG FAQ (specifically, Q33) :

It might actually be a better idea to put the H20L in the external casing instead. Problem 2 might still occur, but the other 2 might not.

Have a look in the blank media forum. The people there are very good at finding deals on media. Verbatim DL media gets discussed now and then.

Hmmm, I didn’t know about those problems with the 4167B as an external drive. I kept it in my computer … and since my new computer is experiencing problems, it’s back at the store where I bought it. :frowning:
So I’m burning with the 4167B again … no H20L for now.

Thanks for your help anyway, and I’m definately gonna follow that Verbatim DL discussion :slight_smile: