LG H10L, DVD+RW's, and booktype weirdness

Had some difficulty splitting a 4 episode DVD of mine so after I thought I got it I decided to put it on a +RW to be sure the menus worked before backing it up.

The +RW already had an old DVD backup on that had booktype DVD-ROM from when I used to use a Benq 1655. So I put the disc in Imgburn and it insists on a full format before burning my .iso. Well… that started taking forever so at about 50% I tried to stop it and it would not until I rebooted the PC. (That works everytime :stuck_out_tongue: )

System comes back and I pull up Nero 6.6.??. I don’t use this much anymore but I wanted to see if it also asked for a full format. It did not - only a ‘quicky’. So using my installed LG H10L I burn to disc using the video_ts file. Out of curiousity I check the booktype after the successful burn.

It’s still showing as DVD-ROM.

I thought LG burners do not booktype to -rom ??? :confused:

Using the only firmware that was available 2 months ago (JL11 ??? at work = no clue)along with MCSE, but I know that MCSE does not alter +RW…