LG GWA to GSA by firmware change?

Can a LG DVD-RW burner be changed from a GWA to a GSA by updating the firmware?

I have an HL-DT-ST GWA-4082N in my MSI barebones with the CB03 firmware. I’ve noticed that there are no firmware updates listed for the GWA-4082N. There are some for the GSA-4082N. All firmwares I’ve found reference to end in 1, 2, or 3. The letter code seems to vary my manufacturer (A for Asus, for example). The number would be the version. Does anyone if that’s correct?

I’m interested as much for the potential of adding DVD-RAM support as the chance of playing around with the region codes

I’m not sure about the GWA-4082N but for certain other GWA vs GSA models, GWA versions use entirely different chipsets from their GSA counterparts. So there is a risk that you might kill the drive. I’m also not sure that the GSA flasher will let you flash a GWA drive.