LG GWA-4161B -Firmware



Can’t find it any :confused: where , help.


That’s because none is available :wink:


I haven’t seen any either.



LG GWA4161B is nothing but GSA4160B without DVD-RAM support but I doubt you could use the same firmware.

Hope this helps.


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Hola,please puedo leer y escribir DVD-RAM con “GWA 4161 B” ¿Hay alguna posibilidad? ¿que tengo que hacer? THANK YOU VERY MUCH :confused:


GWA-4161B does not support DVD-RAM writing though I haven’t seen one at work.


Hello Kenshin,
I’m french, then my English can be not very good.
I’m searching for a firmware for an LG(or HL-DT-ST) DVD RW GWA-4160B and i have more difficults to find one. Can you help me please. Thank you.


Have you tried GSA-4160B firmware? If it doesn’t work, I can’t help you at all.


I have download the new firmware A303 for the LG GSA-4160B and show the HL-DT-ST GWA-4161B to update… I don’t know if is the same firmware, but the old A301 and A302 don’t recognized the 4161B… If somebody know about this, please tell me…

(I’m sorry for my english)


Does any work in your drive?


I have tried the GSA-4160B Version A303 Firmware on the GWA-4161b, it does not work. Sadly the GWA-4161b is not supported by LG. A lot of people have looked for GWA-4161b firmware, many disapointed customers.


I’m very dissapointed with LG. I have 4161b and everybody knows what happend with firmware (nothing). I have LG TV 2 years and it is over- no chanse to repair.
That is the end with me and LG.


these drives were oem drives supplied in some pc systems, there is no firmware updates available and no way to dump it from a drive


Is there any chance that the The Dangerous Brothers are going to make an updated firmware for this drive? Or do they only make firmware for retail drives?


I think they can only modify firmware when they have a copy of the firmware in a file. Since there are no firmware updates for it, they have no firmware file to work with.


There are firmwares available from HP for the 4161 and 4162. One of these two is a firmware update for a HP640b. The flasher will probably look for the HP drive name, so the firmware can probably not be used directly.


Might work if the poster’s drive is on a system from HP. He didn’t mention whether his drive came with a system or he bought it from a shop.


Here you find the HP update SP26522.

HP dvd640 revision b Firmware Update
This is a firmware update for the HLDS GWA-4084B 8X DVD(+/-)R/RW DL LS

Inside the firmware there are the strings: ‘DVDRRW GWA-4161’ and ‘HP DVD Writer 540b A19305/03/15’. The strings 640 and 4084 do not occur at all.
Inside the flasher you find ‘HP DVD Writer 540b’, ‘HP DVD Writer 640b’ and ‘HL-DT-ST 4161B EME’


When I run “Install.exe” inside the SP26522.exe package, the error message says something about HLDS GWA-4084B.