LG GWA-4161B All CD-R are blanks

I put an new LG gwa-4161B DVD writer and have a problem:

  1. all CD-R disk burned on other writers are seen as empty in explorer; looking at properties | general it tells 'Filesystem : not formatted ’

  2. Nero can write a CD-R, it cannot validate, looking at the disk from explorer is the same as in 1. ( empty disk ). But the disk can be read ok in others cd-rom drives. The data is correctly writen

  3. CD-ROM disc are visible and readables

  4. Is not a problem of media or a marginal burner; I tested a set of disk writen with 4 diferent burners, the discs are readable in more tha 12 cd readers ( including an old hitachi 4x! ). Media tested was Verbatim, sony, tdk, teltron, etc.

  5. The target machine was an asus a7n8x-x, sempron 2400, 512MB, hd hitachi 80MB. The dvd was set as master in the secondary IDE. Windows XP SP2

  6. I also tested the dvd in a Pentium 3 800, 2 hds (in the primary IDE),dvd as master in secondary IDE, win98se . Same thing.

Can you suggest a fix ?

I have the same problem, but if you write with finish option and with Trax-data DVD maby it will work.