LG GWA-4080N - Won't read/write DVD-Rs

This drive will read: CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs

Will Write: CD-Rs

Won’t read or write: DVD-Rs

I haven’t used the drive for a while to read or write DVDs, and I was experimenting linux for the 2 last weeks. I downloaded a dvd distro that I wanted to try out, but when I tried to burn it the drive wouldn’t. The software I used were: k3b and gnomebaker. So I decided to boot to windows and try it out. I was able to play one DVD-R movie, and one DVD-R blank. After that it wouldn’t even recognize the disks.

So I flashed the GMA-4080N FW to it, and that didn’t help. Flashed back the original, and it didn’t help either.

Could this problem have been caused by the linux burning apps(trying to calibrate the laser)? Could it be fixed? And is there a way to manually increase the sensitivity of the laser pick up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.


Seriously, ultra-bump. It’s like the ubuntu forums and launchpad bug community don’t even care. wtf.

Does it work on +Rs? Please, say it does. I swear I got this thing to work before.

This drive is OLD, and only the flashed OEM firmware decides about the capabilities.

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