Lg Gwa 4040n



I recently installed a LG GWA 4040N DVD burner into my laptop. It doesn’t ever get errors during burning but it has been failing in the verify step. I’ve tried Ritek Ridata G04, Prodisc (I forget which one), and also memorex. I basicly have two questions if anyone could help.

Is there a media brand that would work good as it is?

The second question is…I heard it can be cross flashed with lite-on 1633 but I can’t seem to find the tools to do so…is that true and would it help?


what media u using - or +?


I use -r… I would like to stick with it if I can due to better compatability with more dvd players and ps2


ok, try updating ur firmware. or have u already done this??
if u need help flashing let me know…sasarchiver

PS what to try is this, copy a DVD using dvdshrink or similair. Then save the dvd to your hardrive as an Image (Iso, Img etc). install dvdecrypter (freeware and very good, no doubt your using nero?). once installed, right click on your DVD ISO image and Open With… DVD Decrypter, and burn with that. let me know if that works for ya…


I wanted to update the firmware but I’m having trouble finding any firmware for the burner. I some single layer dvds that I tried burning with dvd decrypter and I’ve been getting errors most of the time, it might be media too, I know some burners are picky. I tried ritek, memorex, and prodisc…not good luck with any of these…I did just order some TY though…we will see with them…

if you could help me with the firmware side of this I would appreciate it.


Yea ppl having probs…read here…http://www.videohelp.com/dvdwriters.php?DVDnameid=94&Search=Search&list=2


there wasn’t to much about the LG Gwa 4040N as far as media but that is a GREAT site, thanks alot for your help