LG GSA42N and other DVD drive



I just got LG from Newegg - found that it is very quirky - won’t install on my PC other than a Master. So now I have it as follows:

IDE1 - HDD-Master; Sony DVD-RW - Slave
IDE2 - LG - master; HDD - Slave

I also have an older Sony 8X DVD-RW drive that has been working great and I would like to keep both.

Problem is that since I installed LG, WinXP will not recognize Sony drive at all. During boot I can see both models, but once XP goes into GUI mode, Sony drive stops responding and does not even appear in the Device Manager list. It will even stop physically responding (when I press Open button nothing happens).

If I plug back my old CDRW drive, both - LG and CDRW - get recognized and work.

I wonder if there is some controversy between LG and Sony that won’t allow them to run together on the same system. Or maybe it is just much simpler than that and I need to enable something somewhere? I have never ran into situation like this before.

Any constructive idea is greatly appreciated.


IMHO your hard drives should be the same ide channel. IDE1 should be HDD master & HDD slave. Then put your LG & SONY drives on IDE2 with the LG as master & SONY as slave. Make sure you have the jumper settings in the back of the drive set correctly. right jumper will be master setting/middle jumper will be slave setting/left jumper will be cable select setting. Use a flat ribbon 80 wire ide cable for your dvd/cdrw burners. :iagree: