LG GSA4163B won't read anything



I recently purchased a new LG GSA 4163B dvd drive. I installed it and it won’t read anything. It will eject. It is recognized on my computer. I have it set as the master w/ my cd drive as the slave. In device manager it says it is working properly. I have a Dell Dimension 2400 and running Windows XP. Any help would be great :slight_smile: Thanks in advance, Danielle


rma it


Based on what? People often visits cdfreaks for help. RMA would be the last option if all troubleshooting possibilities are done.
Danielle, please post your pc specs. I would try removing the CD and leaving the LG itself.


My GSA-4163B suddenly could not read anything. I have tried updating the firmware to A104 but still no luck. The BIOS, Wiindows 2000, SuSE Linux and Mandrake Linux can detect the drive but no OS can read anything from it. The last thing I did with the drive before I experienced this problem was ripping an audio CD. Looks like this drive died all of a sudden. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



Your GSA-4163B cannot read anything but can be flashed and recognized in BIOS and OS, then certainly not dead yet, but seeing multiple OS’es experience the same thing, probably hardware conflict or failure of the lens or something.


Hi Kenshin,

Nothing changed in the hardware so I would doubt an IRQ conflict. I have another DVD-ROM drive on the same machine and it works perfectly. Suppose this is a lens failure, is there anything I can do to fix it? Thanks.


If your drive stopped reading anything, why did you try flashing firmware? It can’t read any type of optical disk from CD-R and CD-ROM to DVD+R DL and DVD-ROM movie disk? The fact that another drive can read what the GSA-4163B can’t read doesn’t mean 4163B is the problem source. IRQ conflict isn’t the only thing that could have caused it.

Can it play an Audio CD disk? Try reinstalling the drive or install on another PC. I don’t know if you can fix a lens. It’ll probably cost less to buy a new complete PC filled with dual-core CPU, dual graphic cards, dual SATA II HDDs, dual 16x DVD writers…


Power Supplies can have a major effect on drives seeming to fail, how powerful is your PSU in your computer. I have heard numerous people say they have replaced their PSU and the drive worked again or that they disconnected other pieces of hardware e.g. other cd drives / hard drivesand the drive worked again due to the PSU not supplying enough Amps, try these. Also try the drive on another computer with a powerful power supply. A Power supply that cant supply enough amps to a drive can have some weird effects, E.g drive powering down, not being able to write discs, not being able read discs, random computer restarts.