LG GSA4163 without software and cables. Help!

Hi there,

I have today obtained from a UK highstreet retailer the GSA-4165 DVD/CD writer. Upon opening the package I was shocked: it contained only the bare
drive, and had neiher installation manual nor audio or IEDE cables nor any software that is supposed to come with the drive (Nero Express, Power DVD, Power Reader Gold, LG DVD writer solution).

As I was unsure how to proceed, I scanned the web whether I should proceed at all or return the good. I decided to go ahead and substitute the DVD writer for my existing CD reader. I inserted the drive , connected the cables in the back (and because no cables were delivered I had to disconnect the existing CDROM drive), and set it as master.

Upon restart, XPSP2 recognised the drive ok, and the following functionality now works:

  1. read data from a CD
  2. write data to a CD
  3. read the files from a DVD

However, the following functionality does not work (all or some of which, so I assume, are connected to me not having received any software/firmware to go with the drive:

  1. does not write data to the DVD (Nero (5.3) does not seem to recognise the drive as a dvd drive)
  2. does not play a DVD movie (both Windows Media Player and Realplayer say that codecs are not installed)
  3. does not produce any sound with either DVDs or Audio CDs
  4. I cannot change the region code in the properties tab of the drive. So the region tab shows “non selected” and prevents me from changing it because
    apparently I have no authorisation to do so.

I contated LG, they said I probably bought an OEM version, which comes with neither cables or software and that I should upgrade my firmware from the LG website. I have done that but no change.

Any help? Is there any software I need to install before this works? Thanks Dirgi007

The lack of cables and software is no big deal as the extra cost rarely justifies what you get. Most people here buy OEM drives and there is no difference in quality. Your drive looks like it is working just fine, and I would suggest you move up to Nero 6 at least as your Nero trouble would probably be solved through an upgrade.

If I wanted to test out this drive, I would get DVDDcrypter and Clone DVD and test out the burning ability this way. Both will not cost you to try and are available through downloads.

Your missing codecs are because you have Win XP pro and only the Home Edition has the codecs for DVD playing. Generally it will be better to just get software to play DVDs rather than to try and find the right codecs.

I am unsure about the audio problem. Try DVDShrink and see what it does; it will plat DVDs and supports audio as well.




Welcome to the forum.

Your Nero(5.3) version is really old! :eek:
It does’nt recognize your drive as a dvd burner, because your drive did not exist at the time Nero 5.3 was release.

Put your Nero up to date, or better yet change for Nero 7, and you should burn dvd in no time! :iagree:

Chas, Colombo,

thanks very much for your advice. Yes, after installing Nero 6.0.2, my DVD writer is indeed recognised and I can read and write both CDs and DVDs (the test DVDs I burned do not seem to work, but that seems more a copyright problem, so is irrelevant in this thread). Thanks for that.

That still leaves me with the other two problems:

  1. When inserting an Audio CD, Mediaplayer (or Realplayer) plays the CD and succesully retrieves the titles from the internet database, but I can actually not hear anything! The soundcard is working (because I can hear the various sounds when error messages pop up) and the volume is on, too. But no so sound.

  2. When inserting a DVD movie, Mediaplayer tells me that I need to change colour or resolution settings (which is an improvement, because before I installed NEro 6, the error message was that the “decoders were missing”). Nero Show Time does not even produce an error message. What is that all about then?

Any suggestions? Chass039, thanks f :frowning: or your advice on DVDshrink, which was great. It did not help with the Audio problem. Interstingly though, I copied the DVD movie that I cannot see with Mediaplayer/Realplayer/Nero, and while it copied it, I could see a fast-track preview of the movie in a small window. So in that little window I could see the whole movie compressed to 1 minute, but I can still not see the movie in normal mode in any other application.

Also, Chass039, I run XP HomeSP2, not Professional as you wrote in your reply.

Any clues?


Your audio problem is more complicated as Windows XP home includes the codecs so your problem is related to some specific files missed during the install.

This is beyond my capability and is not a problem related to yout burner. I would go to the Audio forum here as see if they can help. Also videohelp.com is good with codec problems.

Hi CHas 0039,

thanks for that. On the off chance I decided to install InterVideo DVR3, and indeed after I installed that that I can now watch all DVDs, movies as well as games.

That now leaves only one problem to solve: the missing sound. In fact, I have no sound at all, neither with dvd games, dvd movies, nor Audio Cds. No sound at all in fact. Which is an indication, that as you rightly say, something unrelated to my LG drive is wrong.

So I better close this thread and look elsewhere for answers.

Thanks for your help


I know this sounds pretty basic, but is your DVD connected to your sound card with the audio cable?

You could also try a digital player, available via the Web, and bypass the cable.

Not needed with Win XP and newer MB. I think the last Windows version that needed the cable was 95.

Well that is news to me.

My DVD player does not work through my sound card without a cable, abd I use XP.

Will only work with a suitable CD player that does not rquire the cable.

It’s possible that you’ve not enabled digital sound extraction from the LG. Without this being set the cable is needed. Go to Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager , expand the CD/DVD Devices & double click on the LG. Under properties you’ll find this option. Check it & you should get sound.

Hi Chas0039, Bob H, Colombo 1212

I am the one who opened this thread with the problem of having to install a DVD writer without software, and eventually of losing all of the sound.

I have now solved the problem, apparently the cable thant links my PC to my speakers was defective. A new cable and the problem was solved. Yippie.

Thank you very much to all for helping me out and running me through the individual steps. Great forum.