LG GSA4120B media reading error

Hi all
I’ve just installed the GSA4120B and it has problems with media. I’ve put DataWrite and Sony DVD-R, Infiniti DVD+R, and CDs in and it says total capacity for the discs are right but available capacity is zero. When I try to butn a DVD or CD it gets to “Checking Discs” and just crashes. Dunno if I have to leave it longer for it’s first try?
Also when I try to dump in files to create a DVD it says “You have added DVD-Video content to a compilation type that will not result in a DVD-Video complient Disc. To create discs playable in standalone DVD-Video players, please use the DVD-Video compliant type.” Any ideas?

Update - using DVD Decrypter v3.5.1.0 I got the following error message when I selected the DVD burner. I don’t know what it means maybe someone else does!

Thanks for help

do u hav a piece of dvdram inside ur 4120B when this message occurred?

no I have a DVD-R. And here’s the screen shot of the nero check disc:

As you can see it’s a bit werid to have available space but no total space!

Hi again - dunno if I found the problem. It might have been nero being crap. I took the LG back to the shop but they didn’t have another one so I got a ENlight DWDL 1624A instead and that didn’t write DVDs but it did do CDs. In the end I installed the DVD writing software it came with (Sonic RecordNow! v7.21) and that recorded one fine but it did say one file didn’t match the original or something. Has anyone had a problem with nero on the LG?