LG GSA4120B DL burns are stunning

Judge for yourself.

I also burned a DL with GSA-4120B firmware N0AD successfully three days ago. :slight_smile:

my DL burn also of excellent quality!

This media was recorded before June 11 and Kprobed on July 14.

Source thread: http://www.storageinfo.co.kr/EzMODse/viewtopic.php?t=18091

Recording time: July 12, 2004
Recorder: LG GSA-4120B
Firmware: N0AD, unmodified

Reader: Lite-On SOHW-832S

Recording time: July 13, 2004
Recorder: Lite-On SOHW-812S/851S@832S
Firmware: VSC2, modified version of VS05 by codeguys

Reader: Lite-On SOHW-832S

I have both SOHW-812S and SOHW-851S modified to SOHW-832S VSC2/VS08 on a system. It’s sometimes difficult to tell one from the other, sorry.

I can’t clearly remember whether it was 851S or 812S that burned the second DL disk. :slight_smile:

I scanned the DL disk burned with GSA-4120B N0AD once more.

Your scans look beautiful, but show clearly that even with n0ad FW the discs come out with booktype DVD+R DL. That unfortunately renders them unplayable in the majority of SAP’s!

See also here.


The DL I made was played well just like the original pre-recorded (pressed) Dual Layer DVD-Video movie disc in the two DVD-Video standalone players I have at home, a Toshiba and a Pioneer that are both well-known for their traditional support for only DVD-R/-RW, and not DVD+R/+RW, though Toshiba also supports DVD-RAM. That’s nothing new. I first reported here in early June that GSA-4120B can truly write DVD+R DL as DVD-ROM booktype disks and the burned DVD-Video disks are played very well in DVD-Video players and PC DVD-ROM drives though some drives cannot recognize DL DVD+R media at all.

By the way, what’s SAP for?

StandAlone Player! :slight_smile: