LG GSA4082 recording problem



I have lg gsa 4082 dvd recorder, but a have strange problem.While burning cd its OK. On dvd burning I have trouble. I use tdk i verbatim DVD’s but everytime burning stop on 12%, my pc just stop’s , i can’t do anything. My firmvare is A208. Never before i have this problem, I burn dvd on 2x,4x i 8x without problems and now I have i BIG problem.

Please HELP :bow:

PS: Sorry if my English is bad.


I also have a 4082b that can burn cd’s fine but has problems with dvd burning. Its a crap drive, I think the best choice would be to either send it in for an exchange or get a new one.


I’ve updated to A208 firmware and still cannot burn DVD’s beyond 4X? I had purchased an OEM drive and even at the A207 update could not burn beyond 4X. Even updated mb bios did not help!

Tech. support from LG is useless, no acknowledgement or response.

Can anyone help?