LG GSA-T40N Driver support



I bought a GSA-T40N super multi DVD re writer last month off of new egg to replace my cd/dvd rom on my Toshiba satellite a105 s4184 windows xp sp3.
This did not come with an install disk so i just thought that i could get rid of the old dvd/cd rom drivers and just plug this into my laptop and windows would find the drivers…well, no…windows din’t even pick it up…So i have been all over the internet looking for the drivers and or firmware…nothing…can any one direct me in the right direction? Any help would be much appreciated…

Confused in ohio…:a


Welcome to the forum.
You shouldn’t need drivers in XP.
But we’ll move this thread to the LG forum, where you are more likely to receive some help.


nope…xp isn’t picking it up


Well, no help from this web site ether…Guess I will go look elsewhere.


Patience…it takes people a while to come up with an idea of what could be wrong. :wink:

Can you boot from the new optical drive?


No, it did how ever play a movie once by pure luck, but it isn’t even showing up on my hardware list.