LG GSA-T10N drive struggles to read and write to blank CD-R's

A few months back I purchased an Asus F3JV notebook from interstate which has the LG GSA-T10N drive. It reads and writes to DVD’s perfectly. Proper manufactured pressed CD’s also read perfectly.

The problem I am having though is that blank CD-R’s will not read properly when first inserted. The same problem will occur with CD-R’s that have data or music on them.

After first inserting the CD, the drive makes a clicking type sound over and over again. It sounds like it’s starting to rev up but then just stops and starts again. This continues until it gives up and I will have to eject the drive and re-insert it again. After anywhere between 2 and 6+ attempts the drive will actually start to spin up and read or write to the disc, depending what it’s meant to be performing.

Once it does recognise the blank CD and starts to spin up it’s usually fine and won’t have any problems from there on in.

I have tried Imation CD-R’s, Sony CD-R’s, and TDK CD-R’s. All with the same result.

Is this a common problem, or does anyone have any solutions for this? If not, looks like it’s going to go in for repairs.