LG GSA-H73N drive randomly read dvd

hi everyone

i got kinda weird issue here
this drive LG-GSA73N that come from Dell XPS730
the pc mobo+powersupply is dead like 4months ago, i suspect it because powersupply failure

so i decide to build new system and move dvd drives and hdd from xps730 to use on my new pc

back 3months ago when i fresh install windows7 (i format the hdd and install windows7)
the drive works just fine it writes/burn dvd without problem as well reading dvd

i haven’t use dvd drives much lately because now i no longer backup things to dvd (i backup to external hdd now)
Yesterday after i install windows7 SP1 … i tried to burn SP1 to dvd just for backup incase i need it later and i found out the drive seems can’t read dvd-r

at first i though its the dvd-r that broken, then i tried other dvds (movies, other dvd-r etc)
and it seems the drive randomly read dvd (mostly fail)
but when the drives read dvd, it don’t have problem (movies playback went smooth, fastforward and track skip also working fine) and it have no problem reading CD

i tried uninstall it from device manager
and also uninstall alcohol120% which maybe having issue with the drives
but the issue still persist, the drive fail to read/detect dvd most of time

i plug the drive to marvel sata port rather than intel ICH10 port because i use AHCI on intel SATA ports which i thought it might have compability issue on dvd drives, on marvel sata ports i set IDE

also my other drive (pioneer S16J) working without issue, it also plugged to marvel sata port

i haven’t tried to test the drive with another cable or another sata port
but i did test the drive using SATAtoUSB cable and the problem still there

is the drive dying ?

thanks in advance