LG gsa-h62n vs gh22ls/ns40



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H62N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi:

I have GSA-H42N and I want to buy SATA version of it.
I believe it is GSA-H62N.

When I was looking for latest LG models I came across GH22LS/NS40 models.
How are these compared to GSA-H62N? I at most burn at 16x, nothing
faster than that. My only complain with H42N is noise. I think new models
at 22X are probably even noisier.

I am in USA. I can buy GSA-H62N. But, I could not find anywhere
selling the new LG GH22LS/NS40. Where do you buy these?



If you just need the drive, the NS30 or LS30 are available for quite some time now. The NS/LS40 should be the same drive with the addition of SecureDisc.

All of the current LG 22x burners use Panasonic chipset, the last Renesis chipset supported only 20x, should be the 20NS/LS10 or 15. The 62N is/was a very good 18x burner.


No thats wrong GH22NS30/LS30 are Panasonic but GH22NS/LS40 are Renesas, both have Securedisk (which nobody needs :))

All GH20 are renesas thats correct, very similar to the H44 I own also, so very similar to H62N. CD CAV burning has improved with GH20, no more bug :), the rest is not much difference to the 18x Renesas, which means GH20 is a good buy and as good or better (CD burning) than H62.


Really? Didn’t know that, just thought it was an extension to the Panasonic chipset.


GH20NS15 is available. I searched for GH20NS10, GH20NS20 and GH20NS20, they seem only available out of USA.

Where can I buy GH22NS/LS40 in USA?