LG-GSA-H62N Problem

Hey hello…
I have a problem with my friends drive a LG-GSA-H62N.
My friend just took a new system yesterday with this DVD-RW.
I’ve installed his OS,and after i’ve try to install directly from CD a Nvidia Driver …the computer freez … I have to stop that process.
After this incident,the drive is ok on hardware list in Windows and BIOS but any CD that I insert in drive does not load. I 2x click icon drive and the driver is empty …i’ve try 100 discs dvd’s,cd’s not only a single one load - doesn’t display any content .

The MOBO of system is a Gigabyte
Please of anyone knows what to do it,help me…

Sorry for my bad english

Is it on one of the main nVidia or a third party SATA connectors? Motherboard model no.?

Welcome @cdfreaks.com

It’s on SATA .
MOtherboard model no. I don’t know right now but i’ll look for that GA

Thanks for welcome .

OK.Sorry for double post,but i’ve come back with the Mobo Model No.
Is a Gigabyte GA-945GCN(X)-S2 - my friend is a n00b in PC’s World so he can’t tell me what precise model have.

But if anybody knows how to solve the problem,please help me.
I’ve took the DVD-RW and put on my system and has the same problem :frowning:

Ok, that’s an Intel chipset mobo and the nVidia driver you tried to install will be for the graphics card I suppose.

Check the BIOS for SATA settings and do not use RAID or AHCI modes for best compatibility with the burner. Is the Intel INF chipset driver installed (see Gigabyte support page for this mobo: http://www.giga-byte.com/Support/Motherboard/Driver_Model.aspx?ProductID=2521)?

Nope…I’ve tryed to install a recent driver from one of my cd’s (nvidia driver - forceware) ,after freezing I was unable to install anything else…
I mounted there an ASUS with IDE connection and it’s work just fine.I installed all drivers founded on MOBO Driver CD , INF,Sound,USB…

My PC,have a VIA chipset and the problem persist…

So :frowning: …what could be the problem…

VIA chipsets are not very compatible with SATA Optical Disc Drives, but it should work fine with the Intel chipset on the Gigabyte mobo. It could always be a bad drive of course, since it doesn’t seem to work at all on two different PC’s. Sorry I can’t give you a straightforward solution. I’ll repeat the importance of the SATA settings in the BIOS.