LG GSA-H62N Problem with Nero


I just built a new system and put an H62N in it. I can not get the thing to burn DVDs at all, I haven’t tried CD’s but the thing seems to be incompatible with all the burning software I’ve tried.

I’ve got an ASUS P5V2-VM SE motherboard with the VIA VT8237S Southbridge SATA-RAID controller. Everything else works fine on the computer except when I try to burn DVDs the drive ‘hangs up’ and just keeps spinning without actually writing anything.

After updating the drivers for the controller, it would recognize an error. Nero and ImgBurn both said they couldn’t find particular sectors on the DVD. It seems to burn about 300 meg or so then quit everytime.

These are admittedly cheap WinData DVD+R’s but they seem to work well on my other burners.

Anyone got any ideas on what my problem might be? I’m running Windows XP Professional x64 and the drive reads/rips DVD’s/CD’s just fine.



SATA burners and VIA chipsets are a bad combination.

Yeah I found that out. I wasn’t aware of that when I bought the board. All the other VIA stuff I’ve had worked pretty well. I got the PATA version of the same drive, seems to be working fine even if it does read significantly slower.

I’ll be shipping the SATA drive back, I don’t have another motherboard with SATA connections laying around. It’s a shame, the SATA drives are so fast.

The SATA hard drive seems to work beautifully though on this machine.