LG GSA-H62N problem with DVD+RW

Hi, this is my first post here, I wanted to see if someone could help me out with my DVD recorder. I have similar problems to the ones experienced in this thread:


I’m unable to erase my DVD+RW disks, this problem started yesterday, as I could do it normally before. My DVDs are Daewoo and according to DVD info, their code is DAXON D42. I run Windows Vista and also use Nero, Alcohol 120 and Daemon tools. DVD info also tells me that the DVDs are being changed to DVD Rom when I burn them. Even disks burned months ago without any problem appear now as DVD Rom media, so I think that might be part of the problem.

Any ideas on how to restore my recorder?

It is low grade media.

Your best chance is to use Imgburn and full format the discs or use another dvd burner.

Hello Jorge, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

chef is right, they’re not the best media to be using.

However, try this: Go into Alcohol’s Settings, then go to Emulation…make sure “Ignore Media Type” is not checked, and try again (preferably with ImgBurn as suggested). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, but I just solved the problem. Apparently, it was caused by the new version of Daemon Tools, because I uninstalled it and the problem was solved immediately. I installed an older version of Daemon Tools (the last full, free version) and it works fine, and I’m now also using ImgBurn, it’s a really nice program.

Glad you fixed it :wink: - I didn’t ask about Daemon Tools, since you mentioned Alcohol, but there is a similar setting in Daemon Tools - uncheck “Hide CD-R media” (or a similarly-named option) if you run into the same problem in the future :slight_smile: