LG GSA-H62N/L : Post your scans and questions here

The H62N is the Serial-ATA version burner of H42N/44N. It uses Renesas R8J32022HFPV chipset.

Mitsubishi -R 16x
MCC03RG20 @18x
Burn time : 04:58

Thanks again 2601. This LG drive might be my next choice. Will it come to usa?

Ahh very nice. I would love to have a SATA version of the H42N, great drive

Good news, good scan :slight_smile:

2601, what controller u use?

Any news about a 20x SATA from LG?

yes a sata 20x lg burner

Me wants this drive…

2601 do you have more scans from this H62N please.

Look for the GSA H62N (or H62L for S-ATA lightscribe). I just picked up one at Best Buy yesterday…about $50. Works fine, but occasionally causes POST to hang if the BIOS is set to SATA as AHCI (Intel D975XBX). Not a problem with BIOS set to SATA as IDE…and that may be the spec for ATAPA devices on SATA.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

BB has this drive for $50???

Hmm…they have H62LI for $60 on website…

it seems they rarely have non LS version…so $60…HMM…I hate to pay so much for the drive…but it seems to be a champ the H42 series ala SATA H62 series

Can we have brust rate result?

ok this drive will be $50 tomorrow at BB…I am getting one and will move my samsung SH183L to another PC or keep in with this drive

Might get one myself. I don’t need LS,i have 2 that work fine. I see another IDE drive leaving my machine.


it is in Ripit’s BB ad…I was going to buy it for $60 tonight, but no reason to hassle with PM at the store

Well i guess i will have 3 LS drives :wink: Thanks.

Me too

though I figure if this burns as well as the H42N/L drives this is the best drive out then…better than my H22N and Samsung 183L…IMHO

Yep 2601’s scan looks good to go. You have the same 3 LS burners i do or will i should say.

H42N is a good one.

I getting quite a collection of dvdrw’s
soon to add H62L