LG GSA-H62N Data Verification Failure

Hi Everyone

I just bought the H62N for my Vista Home Premium 32 system. I’ve been getting Data Verification Failures from Nero after burning the discs. The discs I’ve tried so far are Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 004) and also Sony DVD+R (Ricohjpn R01 002). All my tries are using 4X burn.

Is this normal? I wanted archive some data and it seems that this drive can’t do it properly…

Does anyone face the same problem?

Burn at a higher speed. It’s no good to burn 16x media such as MCC 004 at 4x.

Tried it… still fails nero verification. Some sectors have different content, some have read errors.

What did you burn? Files that changed while burning?

I was backing up photo files. JPG, RAW etc.

This drive has some major problems with Asus P5B Deluxe (Bios 1215). My vista got corrupted for some unknown reason and I was unable to reinstall Vista via the DVD. An error that says “error communicating with device” prevents the installation from happenening. When I switched back the my IDE TDK drive, installation went smoothly.

Here are a few areas where I think the problem may lie…
SATA intermittent problems between drive and mobo?
Mobo Bios screwed up SATA chipset somehow…?
SATA LG GSA-H62N is the problem but where and how?

The weird thing is that the drive can read fine. It writes with problems as mentioned earlier. And vista installation reports problems communicating with the drive.

Unfortunately, there’s no return policy where I am, its going to be an ugly paper weight.