LG GSA-H55N working, not with Lightscribe


Can’t figure this one out. I have a LG GSA-H55N LightScribe DVD burner that I can burn DVD’s from any burning program, but I can’t lightscribe the DVD’s. I’ve gone through all the troubleshooting at the LG website and looked at a few threads here too. Basically I get a message that “No Lightscribe Drives Found”. I get this through the programs as well as the Lightscribe control panel and diagnostics tools.

Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time!


If you have the GSA-H55N, then you do not have Lightscribe. Only the GSA-55L has Lightscribe.

My bad I wrote down the wrong number - from my other computer. I have the GSA-H10L…it has the lightscribe issue…burns disks, but not recognized as a lightscribe drive…


Do you have the Lightscribe engine installed?

Well…as you know, or assume, not on the computer that is not lightscribe, but yes on the other computer. I’ve installed everything according to the LG site and even checked there Q&A and no joy in that. So confused in this effort other than thinking it is a bad device for lightscribe only. Only assumption I can come up with at this time as I’ve gone through LG and the Lightscribe website. Don’t understand. Did a search on the internet, can not really find anyone with simular or same problem, so i assume, again, it is a hardware issue. Pursuing that now with LG…

Thanks PF for responding though…appreciate it!


Ok, you’ve been to the Lightscribe website and downloaded and installed the software?