LG GSA-H55N - very loud

I hate joining a forum and immediately asking a question, but I can’t seem to find help anywhere else.

I got a H55N for Christmas to replace my busted 4163b. It works fine, have updated the firmware, so far no problems, except that it is sometimes really really really loud.

While burning, this isn’t a problem, I expect it to be spinning at full speed, and therefore be loud, but when I’m watching a dvd with multiple tv episodes on it, I seriously think it’s going way too crazy. I’ve actually resorted to copying the individual eps onto my desktop and just watching it from there.

Has anybody else noticed this, or am I just way too sensitive to the noise?

Maybe you can use Nero drivespeed to slow it down.

Thanks for the idea, I thought about it, but would prefer to not have any software running to keep it in check. Was more kind of wondering if it might just be a problem with my specific drive, so I know whether to return it. My 4163b was definitely quieter (when it was working!).

Maybe check ala’s MCSE if there is a speed-patch available.

Same issue here. The drive is quiet while burning DVDs. But If I want to read a CD or DVD, it spins loud for an awful lot of time even after I have shutdown the program. I inserted the software CD that came with the drive and it started to spin loud as soon as I inserted it. Then when i closed the installation menu, it spinned for another minute.