LG GSA-H55N Problems

Hi, First time poster here.

I just recently purchased this Lg burner, and went to install it. As i was replacing a dvd burner that had broken, i opted to just place it in the same spot on the second IDE channel as a master drive. This installation goes down without a hitch, i boot up windows and the drive is instantly recognised.

Now to the real problem, i go to test out some of my dvd-R’s that i have movies on, i place them in the drive and what happens? Nothing! This then leads me to test some other media just to make sure its not just some of the discs. I throw in a proper movie disc and it works fine. This seems odd to me, but i keep testing, next i throw in a dvd that came with a music album i had purchased recently and Bam! nothing again. I am left scratching my head :confused:

I also went to the extent of testing the drive in another computer, and surprisingly the music dvd worked there :confused:

So, the only thing the drive reads in my pc is CD’s and Movie DVD’s. It doesnt read any of my previously burnt DVD-R’s and DVD-RW’s. I havent tried to burn a dvd yet with the burner, but everytime i try to access a dvd-r or simliar it tells me there is no disc in the drive. I also downloaded and installed the full k lite codec pack but this didnt help at all.

Hope you guys can help, sorry for the long post


Hey danny, i have the same problem, well kinda. I am still looking for a fix on that, but cant find anything. My Models are the GSA-H54L.
Trying to find a ‘ODD’ for the firmware. :stuck_out_tongue:
LOL, and i also installed K-lite, to check if it wont fix the prob, since MS players dont work so well with dvds.

Yeah i flashed the drive to the 1.02 firmware as well but no dice

Formatting MS on one of teh pcs worked, but still has the same result…
I also noticed changing the region code from auto to YOUR zone, is a BAD idea. Lol… The rom just didnt work then
I had to do a restore. :stuck_out_tongue:



I tried replacing the IDE cable i was using with the drive, but still no luck.

I also uninstalled my nvidia nforce IDE controller driver and let windows install the microsoft drivers, and this too still did not solve the problem.

Anybody got any tips or solutions to my problem?



Looks like your drive is damaged. Send it to RMA.

Only thing is though, i just bought it and tested it in another computer and it worked fine.

Edit: I also think it may have something to do with my power supply (mine is a pos :bigsmile: )


Not that many of you would probably care, but I ended up fixing my problem.

Bought a new power supply and now it works fine.

Consider this drive another one that is affected by fluctuating current from the power supply

I really appreciate the help :rolleyes:

Next time maybe dont judge someone by the size of their post count, because from the amount of replies i got here it sure seems like i was treated that way. :Z

Good day to you all :rolleyes:

I hope you don’t go through life with the same attitude you have shown in this forum. You don’t have a [B]right[/B] to have your problem solved or questions answered by others just because you post here.
I’m glad your problem was solved but not every burner issue can be solved by CDFreaks. There are too many variables involved.
Good Luck, danny4598 :bigsmile: