LG GSA-H55N overburn problems

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H55N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]:confused: I have an LG GSA-H55N Super Multi DVD±R/RW/RAM drive, and it does everything, superbly, except overburn… is there some kind of overburn block on these drives, or is mine just a bad one?.. I have been all over the forums, tried everything… I have Nero versions 8, 9, and the separate CDSpeed… ImgBurn, CDBXP… all updated, etc. … not on pc at same time, but I have tried them all… all give same basic error message… even the smallest amounts of extra data kick up multiple errors, and this is stuff that almost any other drive will at least attempt to burn… I have tried the registry tweaks for Nero, made no difference… I have tried many different brands and types of disks, only the good ones, just bought another 50 pack of Verbatim DVD-R today at Best Buy, (Regular $31.99, $12.99 Sale this week, 3/15/9-3/22/9 I think…), and Taiyo Yuden’s, haven’t tried Sony yet, but all error messages say, basically, " The drive does not support overburning with this type of disc. NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION " or something just like that, and it does not matter what kind of disk I have in there… can this drive be cross-flashed to work as another drive that is known to overburn better?.. I appreciate any and all help, thanks in advance, and everyone have a great week… :confused:

Hi mlongue1,
the only drives that can overburn dvd’s are the old plextor and benq, and both of them are out of production, so i don’t think that you will be able to overburn any dvd media with your LG drive.