LG GSA-H55N: Inserting media causes PC to shutdown

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H55N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]When I load a CD or DVD, the system immediately shuts down. I have to disconnect the power for a few minutes to get the computer to reboot.
Can someone help a novice, please?

It would seam that your burner is not installed properly.
Go to Windows manager and under Devices see if there is a question mark around your drive.
Is this a new drive, just installed?
Also are the jumpers correctly set for cable? Are you using 80 wire cable?
Are more devices on the same cable?

nevermind… already answered

Also, how old is your system? Did it come pre-built by a big brand [Dell, HP, etc], or is it self-built?

Is the drive new, or old? Any recent events that may have caused this phenomenon to begin?

The PC is self built. The jumpers are correct. There is no question mark against the drive in Device manager, I have checked the driver and it says it is OK. There are no more devices on the same cable.
Thanks for your answers but I am still no further forward.

Did you install any software, like Alcohol or similar recently?
When did this started to happen?
What OS are you running?

Windows xp home. I have not installed any new software relating to CD/DVD lately

What make and model of power supply do you have, and what are your other system components [motherboard, video card, etc]?